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The Healing Point Acupuncture Clinic is located in Palo Alto, California, where  Natalie Miner, LAc offers her patients the finest acupuncture and sports massage treatments, in a private and tranquil setting.

Be Well with Acupuncture

The Healing Point Acupuncture clinic will help you achieve optimum health to fulfill your goals, whether improving athletic performance, feeling more relaxed, loosing weight, or functioning at your very best. Acupuncture treatments can help to relieve pain and reduce stress to improve physical activity and enhance your overall appearance.


Painf Relief with AcupunctureNon-Surgical Pain Relief

Acupuncture effectively treats a broad variety of aches and pains, both chronic and acute. Acupuncture can help…[continue reading]



Stress Release

Living under prolonged stress, as most of us do, can take a tremendous toll. Chronic stress undermines our well-being and is the number one factor associated with chronic health conditions…[continue reading]


Healing-Point-Acupuncture-Helps-Improve-Peak-PerformanceImprove Performance

If you’re an athlete, musician, dancer, student, or professional, it is likely that you are accustomed to pushing yourself hard to achieve excellence. If you do, acupuncture…[continue reading]


Enhance Appearance

Healing-Point-Acupuncture-Enhance-AppearanceIf you look in the mirror and wonder if it’s time to have some “work” done, why not let acupuncture do the work for you? Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation  Acupuncture…[continue reading]



Healing Point Acupuncture Clinic Workshop:
Your Health is in Your Hands – Reflexology

Upcoming Event! Thursday, August 21, 6:30 – 8:30
at the Healing Point Acupuncture Clinic


Do you know, that  the body can be projected to your hand? Natalie will explain the logic and science behind reflexology, and explore how it can be a powerful tool when medical treatment is not readily available. Natalie will describe the hand’s likeness to the human body and the corresponding systems that exist within the hand. She will demonstrate how targeted stimulation can help with a variety of illnesses such as headache, pain, muscle cramps, digestive ailments, nausea, and breathing problems.

Your hands are the one thing that you will always have with you. With some knowledge and a little practice, you can learn this popular way of treating many disorders. This event is limited to 10 people, so please sign up early to reserve your place.

Workshop Signup - Your Health is in Your Hands...Reflexology as Emergency First Aide

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